NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

By submitting an entry to participate in the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) — the world’s premier olive oil contest – each contestant agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Therefore, each contestant should read these Terms and Conditions carefully. A contestant’s application will not be accepted and processed unless and until the contestant has read, understands, and agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

ELIGIBILITY – Individual olive oil producers, olive oil producers’ associations, and authorized distributors are eligible to participate as contestants in the NYIOOC. Only extra virgin olive oils from the current harvest season may be entered into the NYIOOC. Other oils, including, but not limited to, flavored, infused or agrumato oils, are not eligible. By entering an olive oil in the NYIOOC, the contestant represents and warrants that it has full ownership of the olive oil and all intellectual property associated therewith, including the brand name, packaging, and any and all other intellectual property rights associated with such olive oil.

ONLINE REGISTRATION – All contestants must complete and submit an online entry form to the NYIOOC on the Producer Tools platform. After submitting the entry information and paying the entry fee, each contestant will receive an email containing an entry confirmation and instructions for completing the registration process.

During registration, contestants will have the option to prepay the cost of shipping their samples via the NYIOOC UPS courier account. By selecting this option, contestants will pay a discounted rate and be able to track the shipment in their Producer Tools dashboard. However, the NYIOOC makes no representations or warranties concerning any services provided to contestants by UPS or any other courier service.

ENTRY FEE – The entry fee per olive oil entry is $400. Registration can close at any time without notice. All payments must be made online using a major credit card, Paypal or via wire transfer. Entry fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

SAMPLES – Each sample must be submitted in its regular retail packaging and with its normal brand label. Unbranded samples or prototypes are not eligible to participate and will be disqualified upon reception.

Each contestant must provide the NYIOOC with one (1) sample of each olive oil that such contestant enters into the NYIOOC. This rule applies to all entries in packaging sizes of more than 100 ML. For packages (bottles, tins, bags, etc.) smaller than 100 ML, send sufficient samples to reach 200 ML of oil.

The NYIOOC aims to educate consumers and professional buyers on the high-quality olive oil brands available in the marketplace. At least 1,000 liters of any submitted brand must be available in public and wholesale markets.

Each submitted sample must be materially the same in its cultivar composition, fruit quality, harvest process and production practices as like-branded products distributed to the marketplace.

The NYIOOC reserves the right to have a third-party olive oil chemistry testing provider perform chemical tests on submitted samples. If a sample fails any such chemical test, the sample will be disqualified, and the contestant will be notified in writing of the disqualification, and upon written request, the NYIOOC will provide the contestant with a copy of the test results.

The NYIOOC expressly disclaims any liability, and the contestant agrees to hold harmless the NYIOOC for the results of such testing by the third-party provider. All testing is subject to the testing provider’s terms of service.

DEADLINE – Samples that are not timely received will be disqualified and will not be returned to the contestant. Northern Hemisphere entry samples are due no later than April 1 of the competition year. Southern Hemisphere samples must be received on or before October 1.

BROKEN SAMPLES – Contestants are responsible for packing their samples in such a way as to prevent breakage during transit. If the NYIOOC receives a broken sample, the NYIOOC will use reasonable efforts to notify the contestant of the broken sample promptly. The contestant will be required to re-send any damaged sample (or samples) at their own expense. The above-described deadlines will apply to any re-sent samples as though the NYIOOC had never received the initial, broken sample. The NYIOOC will not be liable for failing to notify a contestant of a damaged sample timely. The prepaid shipping option described above does not include a second shipment to replace the breakage.

The NYIOOC will not be liable to any contestant for any loss or damage to any sample, whether or not such damage occurs while the sample is in the NYIOOC’s possession, and irrespective of whether such damage or loss occurs before, during, or after the NYIOOC. If a sample is lost or damaged, the contestant must submit a replacement sample at their own expense.

SHIPPING AND RECEIVING – The NYIOOC will not be responsible for any customs charges or for ensuring compliance with any laws, rules, or regulations related to shipping goods in international commerce. Contestants will bear the risk of losing any samples in transit, and contestants shall be solely responsible for ensuring that the NYIOOC receives samples. The NYIOOC will not refund shipping costs under any circumstances. The NYIOOC will use reasonable efforts to confirm receipt of samples from contestants.

INTENSITY – The competition categories are divided into delicate, medium and robust. Samples will be assigned to a category of intensity based on the sensory assessment by the judging panel.

CERTIFICATION – Organic entries must be accompanied by organic certification. If proof of organic certification satisfactory to the NYIOOC in its sole discretion is not received by the NYIOOC, the sample will be judged in the non-organic category.

JUDGES’ DECISIONS ARE FINAL – The judging panel's decisions and the NYIOOC president's are final. Contestants are not required to be in attendance at the NYIOOC to win. Judges are not affiliated with the NYIOOC and are comprised of independent industry-recognized experts in their particular discipline. At the discretion of the NYIOOC, any contestant may receive a summary of the judges’ assessment of their olive oil entry beyond whether it won or did not win. The NYIOOC does not provide consultations to contestants to improve the quality of their products.

PUBLICATION OF RESULTS – The results will be announced and certified only by the president of the NYIOOC. The winners may only mention their accomplishments on extra virgin olive oil labels from the same batch as the winning sample. The NYIOOC will use reasonable efforts to avoid disclosing the scores of non-winning samples, but the NYIOOC makes no guarantee that such scores will remain confidential. All results are final.

PUBLICITY AND EDUCATION – By submitting an entry to the NYIOOC, each contestant at this moment grants a perpetual, royalty-free license to the NYIOOC, Olive Oil Times, and each of their affiliates to use winners’ names, likenesses, recordings (whether audio or visual), and other information submitted to the NYIOOC, as well as images and information related to such contestant’s olive oil entry(ies), for advertising, promotional and educational purposes without compensation to the contestant.

OWNERSHIP OF ENTRIES – Each contestant hereby assigns ownership of all samples submitted to the NYIOOC and the associated right to publicize such samples, understanding that all such entries will remain the property of the NYIOOC before, during, and after the competition. For clarity, the NYIOOC does not purport to own the intellectual property in the samples submitted to it by contestants. Accordingly, contestants shall be solely liable for any claims from or relating to any samples submitted to the NYIOOC.

RETURN OF SAMPLES – Submitted samples will not be returned to contestants before, during, or after the competition for any reason, except at the NYIOOC’s sole discretion.

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY – Entry samples will be photographed as received, and the images of winning brands will be displayed publicly at the sole discretion of NYIOOC. NYIOOC makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality or suitability of product images and will not re-shoot or replace pictures upon request.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – The NYIOOC will not be responsible for lost, interrupted, or unavailable communications, network servers, or other connections, or failed telephone communications, computer transmissions, or other errors of any kind, whether human, mechanical or electronic.

The NYIOOC assumes no responsibility for any error, defect, delay, theft or unauthorized access to or alteration of entries.

Subject to applicable law, if for any reason, including, but not limited to, because of acts of God, wars, acts of terrorism, revolution, civil commotion, acts of public enemy, embargo, acts of government in its sovereign capacity, labor difficulties, or any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the NYIOOC, the NYIOOC is not capable of operating the competition as planned, the NYIOOC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the contest. The NYIOOC shall not be liable for any losses, causes of action, claims, or damages arising from cancellation, termination, modification, or suspension.

EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY – The NYIOOC makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality, suitability, or merchantability of any goods or services offered as awards or submitted to the NYIOOC.

Except as prohibited by law, the NYIOOC shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered or sustained by any contestant or any third party for any reason (including, but not limited to, consequential loss, loss of revenue, loss of profit or economic loss), including for personal injury or property damage suffered or sustained, as a result of participation in the competition, the use of any award, or the failure to win or receive an award for any reason.

Each contestant agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the NYIOOC from and against any liability, cost, loss, damages, or expense, including, but not limited to, for personal injury or damage to property arising out of or relating to such contestant’s participation in the NYIOOC or acceptance of any prize or award, and whether such liability, cost, loss, damage, or expense is direct, indirect, consequential, foreseeable, due to some act or omission of the NYIOOC, or otherwise.

Each contestant (and any employee or agent of any contestant) may be required to sign and return any liability release provided by the NYIOOC or its contractors as a condition of participating in the NYIOOC. Failure to return any signed release will result in a disqualification of the contestant from the competition.

The NYIOOC may disqualify any contestant from participating in the competition at any time and for any reason. Each contestant agrees and acknowledges that the NYIOOC will not be liable for any loss, cost, damages, or expenses incurred by any such disqualified contestant under any circumstances.

AWARD LABELS – Winners can order adhesive labels only through the NYIOOC’s approved vendor(s). Award stickers are available to order until December 31 of the competition year. Winning contestants will be permitted to affix the award logo labels only to bottles containing the same oil (same harvest, olive varieties and production batch) and in the same packaging as the winning sample. Alteration, modification or digital manipulation of NYIOOC logos, award artwork, seals, certificates or other designs are not allowed. Any other use of the NYIOOC award logos or other NYIOOC intellectual property is strictly prohibited.

TROPHIES/AWARDS – Award trophies are not included in the entry fee. Trophies can be ordered by verified winners on the NYIOOC website immediately following the competition for sixty (60) days. Contestants are responsible for all costs associated with obtaining, publicizing, or using any trophy or award, including any taxes or other fees as may be charged to any contestant about such trophy or award.

CONTACT – If a contestant has questions regarding the NYIOOC, please contact the NYIOOC via the live chat function on the NYIOOC website, via email at [email protected], or by text/SMS at +1 212-729-3600.