Continuing our efforts to provide the greatest value to producers worldwide, the 2023 NYIOOC will introduce some significant changes.

An unveiling for each hemisphere

The NYIOOC remote judging protocol allows our sensory experts to analyze entries throughout the year when the oils are fresh and more likely to achieve a successful result.

New shipping periods tailored to the opposing harvests mean that Northern Hemisphere producers can send samples at their peak, while Southern Hemisphere contestants will no longer need to rush their oils before the cutoff.

The results for Northern Hemisphere entries will begin to be revealed in March to allow producers to benefit from their achievements even earlier in their campaigns.

Southern Hemisphere results will begin rolling out in September, just when the world looks south to find the freshest high-quality oils.

Updates to the Official Guide

The Official Guide to the World's Best Olive Oils will be segmented by hemisphere, and winning brands will be featured in the Guide for an entire year from their award date with new promotional tools to spread the news.

We're also expanding the Producer Profiles with images, timelines, social feeds and words from the extraordinary people behind the winning brands to reach the millions of readers worldwide who consult the Guide with enhanced educational content.

And that's not all

We never stop developing new ways to celebrate and publicize the world's best extra virgin olive oil brands and the producers who craft them. You'll need to wait a little longer to see even more innovations we're working on in 2023.  Until then, we wish you a bountiful harvest.