Providing complete information about your brand is important to ensure you receive all of the attention you deserve for producing an award-winning product.

Brand name

Use a unique brand name if you are submitting multiple brands for the same producer. For example, "Superior Arbequina" and "Superior Leccino." Do not use the words olive oil, extra virgin, EVOO or cold-pressed in the brand name.

Brand classification

Choose organic or non-organic. If your oil is organic, upload the organic certificate. Choose monovarietal or blend and select the cultivar(s).

Brand description

Within the word count limit, describe this particular oil brand: the olive cultivar(s), terroir, harvest methods and taste characteristics.

Country and region

Choose the country of origin from the dropdown list. The regions correspond to registered PDOs only. Choose "other" if a PDO for your oil is not listed.


Choose the producer of the brand or add a new producer. In the NYIOOC, the "Producer" is the company or person responsible for the brand. It is often not the company that produces the oil. If your brand name is on a product made by another company, you are the producer.