To give producers the most time to benefit from their achievement, award-winning results are released throughout the judging period as they are verified (instead of waiting until the last sample is judged before releasing the results in bulk).

Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
Results begin in March Results begin in September

Northern Hemisphere live results begin in March until all winners are revealed.

Southern Hemisphere live results begin in September.

See the timeline for participation.

Award-winning brands will be presented in the Official Guide to the World's Best Olive Oils and in special sections of Olive Oil Times.

Competition data on the World Olive Oil Rankings is updated in real time.

Winning brands remain on the Guide for one year from the publication of its award or until it is replaced with the following year's win.

When results are available in Producer Tools, participating producers will be notified immediately via email.

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Non-awarded brands are not publicly disclosed, and their details may not be available in Producer Tools until the conclusion of the presentation period.

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