What is Producer Tools?

Producer Tools is a state-of-the-art web application and platform developed by the NYIOOC. →

How to register

All NYIOOC activity is managed on our Producer Tools platform. →

How to complete your producer profile

It's important to complete your profile as much as possible to get the most benefits from your NYIOOC successes. →

How to complete your brand details

Providing complete information about your brand is important to ensure you receive all of the attention you deserve for producing an award-winning product. →

How to set the Producer Location (Public Address)

The Producer Location in the Profile section of your Producer Tools account must correspond with a "Google Business Profile." Read more →

Adding a tourism listing to your producer profile

How to add a listing for tourism features in your Producer Profile. →

Can I submit an unbranded product?

Every sample must be submitted in its normal retail packaging and brand label. →

We make different oils. Are they considered separate brands?

Each oil is its own brand. If you would like to participate with an Arbequina and a Picual, for example, you will need to register two brands. The same goes for different blends. →

Which category will my brand participate in?

The category of intensity (delicate, medium or robust) will be determined by the NYIOOC Judging Panel when they analyze your entry. →

Changing the cultivar or organic status of a brand

Changing the cultivar(s) of an existing brand is not permitted. You will need to register a new brand since it is essentially a different oil. →

My cultivar or region isn't listed

If your olive variety (cultivar) is not available in the dropdown list on the Brands Detail page, please contact our support team and we will add it for you. →

Adding retail outlets for your brand

Only retail outlets that have a Google Business Profile can be added to your brand profile. →

I need an invoice

You can find your invoices in your Producer Tools account on the Billing page. Select an invoice from the list and add your company details before printing. →

I paid the entry fee but I'm still getting email reminders

If you paid the registration fee and are still getting emails about a nonpaid order, it means you have another order that is still pending and unpaid in your account. Read more →

Wire transfer payments

You will receive an email notification when the wire payment has been confirmed. →

Can't find your answer?

The NYIOOC support team is ready to assist you.

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