Entries are analyzed in the order they are received, so it's a good idea to ship your sample(s) early in the shipping period.

Complete the steps on the Shipping page in your Producer Tools account.

Every sample must be submitted in its regular retail packaging and brand label. Samples will be photographed, so please do not apply adhesive tape directly to the samples. Avoid the use of styrofoam and other non-recyclable materials.

Northern Hemisphere Entries

Countries including but not limited to Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro, Morocco, North Macedonia, Palestine, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States

Shipping Period Begins Sample Deadline
January 1 April 1

The shipping period for brands produced in the Northern Hemisphere begins January 1st. Samples must be received before April 1st of the competition year.

Southern Hemisphere Entries

Countries including but not limited to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and Uruguay.

Shipping Period Begins Sample Deadline
July 1 October 1

The shipping period for brands produced in the Southern Hemisphere begins July 1st. Samples must be received before October 1st of the competition year.

See the timeline for participation

Samples must be from the current crop year. Please read the Contest Rules.

Required samples

If your bottles, tins, bags or pouches are 250 ml or more, send only 1 sample for each brand entry. For smaller containers, send enough samples to reach 250 ml of product in total.

Why only one sample?

As part of our effort to reduce food waste, shipping costs and our carbon footprint, NYIOOC has designed a protocol that requires just one packaged sample for analysis.

The shipping process

After registering for the competition and entering your brand details, go to the shipping page in your Producer Tools. Each step of the sample shipping process is managed on the Producer Tools platform.

Create a box

On the shipping page, create a box, enter the ship-from address, and indicate the brand sample(s) the box will contain.

Download the instructions

The instructions include the shipping address, manifest, sample barcodes, and packing tips. Each sample must be identified by the NYIOOC barcode printed with the instructions.

Attach the barcode

Tie the sample identification barcode to the corresponding product sample with a string or rubber band. Do not use adhesive tape.

Do not use tape to attach the barcode to your sample.

Why avoid adhesive tape?

Your sample will be photographed. Adhesive tape cannot be removed without damaging the label and leaving marks.

NYIOOC makes no representations or warranties as to the quality or suitability of product images and will not re-shoot or replace images upon request.

Pack with care

Wrap each bottle separately in protective material, ensuring samples are padded on all sides of the box. Avoid excessive use of adhesive tape, styrofoam and other non-recyclable materials.

Attach the invoice

Attach the provided invoice to the outside of your box in a clear envelope and affix the shipping label provided (if you chose the NYIOOC Shipping Service) or the label from your courier.

Call for a pickup

You can ship your sample package via the NYIOOC shipping service or use your courier.*

Choosing a courier

We recommend UPS for sending your samples. Fedex has delayed or returned some sample shipments for lacking a Prior Notice for the package, while the other carriers have not required that a Prior Notice be filed.

DHL opens, inspects and repacks a high percentage of the boxes they deliver. We therefore do not recommend choosing DHL as your courier.

If you choose the NYIOOC shipping service, you can print your UPS label directly from your Producer Tools shipping page and track the package in Producer Tools. When your box is ready, call your local UPS office to schedule a pickup.

If you chose the NYIOOC Shipping option, call UPS in your area and ask them to pick up the package (they will need the tracking number when you call).

If you are using your courier, call for a pickup or drop the package off as directed.

Delivery confirmation

You will be notified via email when our team checks in your samples. You can also check the status in your Producer Tools dashboard.

*If you choose to ship using your courier, please be advised NYIOOC will not pay any fees or other shipping charges.