When are the results announced?

The official results for the Northern Hemisphere brands will begin to be revealed on April 1. Results for the Southern Hemisphere will begin on August 1. →

What are "live results?"

Award-winning results are released as they are verified, instead of waiting until all entries have been judged. →

Where to find the results for your brand

Find the results for your brand in Producer Tools. →

How to promote your winning brand

If your brand is among the award winners, you will see a Promote tab in your Producer Tools dashboard. →

How to obtain award stickers and trophies

Award winners can purchase stickers and trophies via the Promote tab in the Producer Tools dashboard until August 1 of the competition year. →

Why did my brand fail to win an award?

The judges are trained to detect the positive and negative characteristics of olive oil samples at the time of tasting. All results are verified and final. →

Past year wins aren't showing up on my brand's page

Your brand's page will not show past-year awards unless you re-entered your existing brand. →

How to change information on your brand's page in the Official Guide

Please contact our support team to request a change to any part of your winning brand's page on the Official Guide. →

Why have there been more award winners in recent years?

Year after year there has been a steady climb in the success rate due to the sheer determination by producers around the world to answer the call and improve their methods →

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