The sample deadline

For Northern Hemisphere entries, samples must be received between January 1 and April 1. Southern Hemisphere entries must be received between March 1 and August 1. →

How to ship your sample(s)

The process to send your samples to the NYIOOC is managed on the Producer Tools platform. Here's how. →

Have my samples been received?

You will be notified via email when your samples are checked in by our team. You can also check the status on the shipping page in Producer Tools. →

Choosing a courier for your sample shipment

We recommend UPS and DHL for sending your samples. Read more →

Do I need an FDA number?

Your FDA number is not needed to send samples to the NYIOOC. →

Where is the address to ship my sample(s)?

The shipping address can only be found on the instructions that you will download from the Shipping page in Producer Tools. →

Do I need to send lab tests?

The NYIOOC does not require a lab test or any chemical analysis. There is no need to include test results in your sample shipment, as they will be discarded. →

We paid the registration fee but there are no "shippable brands" in Producer Tools

If you have paid the registration fee, but in your Producer Tools Shipping tab you don't see any "shippable brands," it means you still need to submit your entry details. →

Can you confirm if my sample was delivered?

You will be notified via email when your sample is received and checked in by our team. You can also check the status in your Producer Tools. →

Where will my sample(s) be kept until judging?

NYIOOC maintains a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled sample vault under optimal conditions and UV-free lighting. Read more →

Can't find your answer?

The NYIOOC support team is ready to assist you.

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